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hi there

Welcome to The Frozen Nuggett, glad you found your way here! My hope is to share all things Alaska living with you... from where I spend my time, to how to become comfortable in the outdoors, all the way to what gear I put my trust in. I hope to get to know what you like and are interested in, so reach out to me on instagram @thefrozennuggett for topic ideas and any questions you have! 

about me

Let's see... my name is Ragen. You're probably wondering where the name 'The Frozen Nuggett' came from...Ever since I was a kid my dad called me Nuggett. With two T's, not one. 'Cause having the name 'Ragen' spelled the way it is wasn't hard enough as a kid. 'Nuggett' just stuck, it worked for me. I also have a twin, named Rachel.. yeah double R's. Plus we look alike and have all the same hobbies... real helpful I know! So I was Nuggett and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I moved to Alaska after graduating from East Carolina University (go pirates!) to start graduate school in Environmental Chemistry at The University of Alaska Fairbanks. I was in awe of Alaska ever since visiting in high school, and the opportunity to move for grad school was a dream come true. I quickly realized I wasn't moving back any time soon. I've been living the Alaska adventure lifestyle ever since, taking so much inspiration and any knowledge possible from amazing adventures and travelers from across the globe. While Alaska (and anywhere, let's be real) can be hard to tap into, I want to share the lifestyle I have grown to love more than anything. So, buckle in for amazing views, dream-come-true trips, and normalizing the day to day life we live in our beautiful state. 

My sister and I in Homer!
Fishing in Alaska
Fynn in Alaska

fynni boy

It's true a pup makes adventuring easier, and I have one of the most amazing, energetic pups out there. Fynn, my Alaskan husky, is kind of a package deal with me. We hit the trails together daily, and he makes sure of that! His husky energy makes him a great touring partner.. until you're too slow transitioning and he's ready to go! He sleeps on top of your sleeping bag nightly, even when we pack in his own fancy-af pad. But I wouldn't have it any other way. He's one of the best things to come into my life, and it's true they are your best friends.

the other best friend

Is it weird a dog comes before your partner..? I'm going to go with no. To round out the adventure fam, my human best friend and favorite adventure partner is Cole. We met in grad school up in Fairbanks and it worked out so effortlessly to continue our life together post-graduation. He's the brains behind most (cough, all) fishing trips, probably the one with the better jokes, and for sure the muscle in removing the insane amount of snow we get at our cabin in the hills (which we bought back in 2021!) I am so lucky to share the Alaska life with him and can't wait for the many, many more adventures to come!

Ragen and Cole in Alaska
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